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Hotel Terme Don Pepe: Salus & Beauty 2011

Hotel Terme Don Pepe
Salus & Beauty 2011


Inhalation Treatments: (Dry Vapour – Warm vapour inhalation - aerosol) - The vapour treatment is effected with spa-mineral water for a period of 15-20 minutes. The inhalation treatments are able to alleviate some complaints of the respiratory apparatus such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis as well as bronchial and asthmatic forms.

Inhalation therapy: using different techniques, mineral water vapours are introduced into the respiratory apparatus. When the inhalations are of sulphurous and radioactive water gases, they are known as "humages". With vapour treatment, the environment is filled, by means of diffusers, with a “mist”, created by shattering the waters containing sodium chloride and bromide and sulphur into tiny particles. Other methods are: Aerosol, in which vaporised mineral water is brought, by means of a special instrument, directly into contact with the mucous membrane.

Bath-therapy: with bath-therapy two factors are utilised, the heat factor and the chemical factor. The temperature generally used for the baths goes from 37°C to 39°C. The hot bath exercises a tranquillising, pain-killing, hypo-aesthetic and depressant effect on the tone of the muscles. Bath-therapy consists in being immersed in mineral waters at a temperature of about 38°C. As well as in a tub, the bath may be taken in a spa-water swimming pool, thus combining the physical-chemical effects with the benefits of movement in water. In combination with the bath, it is also possible to use the “underwater shower” which consists of a jet of spa-water directed at a fairly high pressure (from 1 to 3 atmospheres) against the area of the body under treatment. In addition, it is possible to use the "filiforme shower" for the treatment of skin complaints, in particular of the facial area.

Water used: "Sorgente Don Pepe" spring water - Hyper-thermal salty-bicarbonate-alkaline mineral water. For the treatment of: arthro-rheumatic-dermatological afflictions, complaints of the respiratory apparatus and otorhinolaryngological (ear, nose and throat) afflictions. Medical assistance - Physiotherapist.

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