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The beach del fungo (‘of the mushroom’), the Pithecusa museum and the Santa Restituta excavation site: 200 mt Negombo park and the San Montano beach (with special rates): 800 m - Mortella Fondazione Walton gardens: 500 m - Bus-stop: 10 mt

Smallest between the common ones of the island of Ischia , but not little interesting, characterized from one scoglio in means to the sea from the shape of " a Fungus ", a beautifulst example of the eolica and marine erosion. First Greek colony of the West (VIII sec. to C.), conserve the Necropoli di San Montano, in the charming bay omonima. There are lodges to it in of the island. Goal of many famous personages of the world of the show, prints, athletes....

Interesting points:
Church of S. Restituta (first construction of the IV sec. a.C.) protecting saint of the country of the island, with annexed museum and three layers of going back diggings to the age of magna Greece, Roman and paleocristiana. Villa Shrub, realized from Carl d' Acquaviva in 1785 in the place where a going back takeover to the age of the bronze rose. The Aragonese Tower, constructed in XV the century from Alfonso of Aragon like tower of sight of the ships saracene.

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